Structured Settlement Calculator Now Available For Cash Payout Estimate On My Structured Settlement Cash | Reuters

1 Jun

Some structured settlements may offer significant advantages – CBS News

It is easy to know to unload a settlement thanks to the very easy sell structured settlement calculator. Roger Byrne, marketing manager of SSC, is excited to launch this intuitive calculator. Only a few pieces of information are required for the structured settlement calculator to make an estimate. A user must enter into the structured settlement calculator the year their payments started, as well as the year their payments are expected to end.

For someone who’s been injured, a properly designed structured settlement (non-securitized) offers significant tax and financial advantages. A structured settlement is often used to settle accident and wrongful death lawsuits. Under the federal tax code, you have the option to designate all or part of your financial settlement to fund a structured settlement annuity. This annuity will provide regular income-tax free payments tailored to your specific needs. Need a wheelchair replacement every four years? You can have periodic lump sums. A daughter goes to college in 2019? You can fund four years of tuition through your payments.


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