Is The Structured Settlement Process In Need Of Reform? | Lifehealthpro

6 Jun

Without effective regulation, bad business practices will continue, says Patrick Hindert, an attorney and managing director of The Settlement Services Group, Loveland, Ohio. Absent market reformsand Im not optimistic there will bethese practices will go on to the detriment of claimants and the industry. Anatomy of the Transaction Key factors fueling demand for annuity-funded structured settlements, both among defendants (P&C carriers) and plaintiffs (injury victims) in personal injury cases are tax advantages. In buy-and-hold structures, the P&C company purchases an annuity from a life insurer and writes off on its corporate income tax return the amount paid in a given year to the payees. The P&C carrier may, alternatively, elect a qualified assignment, transferring claims obligations and money to purchase an annuity to a 3rd party (often an affiliate company of the life insurer) charged with meeting the periodic payments. The P&C carrier enjoys an up-front tax deduction for the aggregate amount of the annuity payments.

Free District-Structured settlement companies reviews, list in Florida

Structured settlement companies reviews list

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